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“Since implementing Late2Lien, I am recognizing more timely payments which has resulted in an average 36% decrease in the total number of defaulting tenants.”
— Nevada-based Owner/Operator

As you think about your current systems, consider the abundance of resources working at different levels to complete this one task and the cost structure associated with each.

Late2Lien™ improves the profitability of the facility through:

Cost Savings
Frees your staff from preparing, mailing, filing, and monitoring notices
Automatically manages and updates all processes, timelines, checks and balances
Provides overall cost savings in office supplies, time, and labor
Revenue Optimization
Increases time and resources available to promote and generate new rentals
Accelerates payments from tenants which improves cash flow
Reduces delinquency rates
Postage and Email Savings
Postage is billed at cost — No Markup!
Includes email notifications at no additional fee
Eliminates petty cash management for postage costs
Advertising Savings
Transfers publisher discounts and offers better publication selections
Removes need to set calendar events, create ads and validate with publishers
Eliminates time spent on clipping, filing and verifying ads
Wrongful Sale Liability Decreased
Removes “human variance”
Ensures industry best practice procedures across all facilities
Provides Underwriting Insurance Discounts with certain providers*