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If you are like most operators and management companies today, the lien notification process is managed through a division of labor and effort; the larger the organization, the more resources are consumed. The biggest issue is coordinating all these "touch points" to execute the same activity consistently, on time, and accurately to avoid a wrongful sale.

Regardless if you own or manage one facility or many, Late2Lien™ is designed to improve your operations by reducing the time and effort spent executing the lien sale process. Late2Lien™ is:

Provides a centralized process which reduces staff effort and operating costs
Includes Military Status search and USPS® Change of Address correction
Recognizes payments and partial payments
Calculates sale dates and manages ad calendars to ensure accurate timing
Built upon a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system which securely retains all documents and activity history
Utilizes a comprehensive, 50-State Template Library* containing each required notice and supporting documents
Quick and seamless implementation - No downtime or interruptions
Team members are fully trained within 15 minutes
Pay-per-use system - No setup fees, monthly minimums, or subscription fees

* The 50-State Template Library and forms used throughout the Late2Lien™ process are written by industry expert, Jeffrey Greenberger, Esq. In the event of a change in state law, Late2Lien™ automatically updates the forms and protocols to conform to the latest requirements.

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